2023 Little Mermaid, Jr. (Video) (Photos)
2022 Shrek The Musical, Jr. (Video) (Photos)
2021 Frozen Jr. (Video)
2020 no show due to Covid!
2019 Pirate of Penzance (Video)
2018 Cindy Goes to the Sock Hop (Photos)
2017 Adventures of Robin Hood (Photos)
2016 Twelve Dancing Princesses (Video) (Photos)
2015 Sinbad’s Odyssey (Video)

2014 Princess and the Pea (Photos)
2013 Sword in the Stone
​2012 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Video)
2011 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
2010 Goose Girl (Photos)
2009 Pirates of Penzance
2008 Sleeping Beauty, Western Style
2007 Hansel and Gretel
2006 Twelve Dancing Princesses